Order, discipline and commitment

"Alfonso X El Sabio" Award

 Best Criminal Lawyer 2021

Managing director: 
Jorge Albertini

- Bachelor's degree in Law. 
- Bachelor's degree in Political Science. 
- Master's degree in International Criminal Law. 
- Master's degree in International Tax Crimes. 
- Master's degree in Criminal Law Practice. 
- Master's degree in Family Law and Child Protection. 
- Specialist in Gender-based Violence. 
- Specialist in Administrative Law. 
- Expert in Corporate Crimes. 
- Expert in Immigration Law. 
- Expert in Pardons. 
- Expert in Prison Law.

Awards and Recognitions

Specialist in:

  • Homicide and murder offenses.
  • Theft and robbery offenses.
  • Assault and battery offenses.
  • Gender-based violence offenses.
  • Fraud offenses.
  • Misappropriation offenses.
  • Sexual assault offenses.
  • Threat and coercion offenses.
  • Tax fraud offenses.
  • False testimony offenses.
  • Forgery offenses.
  • European arrest warrant.
  • Extradition proceedings.
  • Assistance to the detained in the police station and in court.
  • Juvenile offender offenses.
  • Criminal organization, offenses against public health (drug trafficking).
  • Appeals, constitutional appeals, cassation appeals, and extraordinary review appeals.

Our Director, lawyer Jorge Albertini, is recognized 
as the most influential and successful 
media lawyer in Spain.

Albertini secures pardon for young mother convicted


Jorge Albertini gives his opinion on gender-based violence and the Meco murder case

Criminal Lawyer Jorge Albertini explains details of the crime | Janet Jumillas case

Jorge Albertini interviewed by La Sexta about the Neymar case.

Jorge Albertini interviewed about the Leo Messi case | La Sexta

Jorge Albertini calls Antonio's wife live on air to offer her his help after he was sentenced to 3 years and six months in prison

Criminal Lawyer in Barcelona Spain Jorge Albertini, interviewed on news program of Television La Sexta, regarding Supreme Court ruling that annuls dismissal of a worker.

Germany has tightened regulations to expel unemployed foreigners. Jorge Albertini comments on his opinion on the matter.

Jorge Albertini agrees to advise young convicted | Espejo Publico | part 1.

Jorge Albertini agrees to advise young convicted | Espejo Publico | part 2.

Jorge Albertini agrees to advise young convicted | Espejo Publico | part 3.

Jaime Bayly interviews Jorge Albertini | 10/12/17

Emilia Soria found a credit card and all she did was buy diapers and food for her children. They want to send her to prison. Jorge Albertini, expert lawyer in pardon, will do the impossible to prevent her from being imprisoned. This happens in Spain and the whole country is closely watching the process. Albertini presents a reminder of the pardon request.

The Arandina rape case and the removal of Manuel's children by the Xunta.

Case of the Igualada gang rape and gives his opinion on the police investigation.

Opinion on judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement.

Jorge Albertini once again shows his social commitment to the residents of Mejorada Del Campo, in the face of the possible demolition of their properties.

Discussing the case of Julen.

We are Associate Members of the 
International Bar Association.

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